other side

sometimes there’s too much brightness

but all you see is dark

all you crave is shade, your dim space
then look for that soft light

that maybe flicker of hope

that maybe you aren’t lost
you’ve got tears that ease what is

and that scared heart you know is spared

find the pieces as each isn’t broken
calm now my heavy breath 

oh my long sighs

we don’t need to be on the other side


DIY: Gatsby Project

The last but not the least to look back before 2016 ended are the 1920’s/Great Gatsby-inspired headpieces I’ve put together for a few of my colleagues in the office for our yearend party.

This was my first time to accept orders to create and play around. Most of them are based on my officemates’ image pegs from Pinterest and Google  and the likes.

So here are the 3 weeks worth of stress and fun combined. 🙂

And on the party day itself, I managed to take some shots of my models for the night, including myself who only wore a simple piece after I got overwhelmed with the pretty big ones I’ve just done! ^_^ I hope you are enjoying these ones too.

DIY: Flower Power Part 2

I was hesitant to make this one as I only had little time and it was a little busy at the office.

But I hopefully had pulled it off as my close friend wore it to their Coachella-themed Christmas party.

Here is my 3rd flower crown decorated with beads. I didn’t want to over do and thought simplicity should do it. What do you think?

DIY: Flower Power

Happy 2017!

Before we move forward to the best things this year, I wanted to look back on the little happy crafts I’ve done before 2016 ended.

Back in September 2016, I’ve helped out a close friend make her own unique flower crown to be used for their pre-wedding shoot. So since I’ve got  a thing for fabric flowers, I’ve suggested nothing else. 🙂

This is the 2nd flower crown that I’ve attempted and successfully done (I think) hehe. The first one was for my little sister’s wedding. I just assembled the plastic/synthetic flowers she had back then.

For my friend, she bought synthetic leaves and a simple flower crown from craft stores, and we used extra fabrics she also used for her bridesmaids’ headpieces to create different fabric flowers to assemble on the crown.

And this is how it looked on her on the pre-wedding shoot. Her HMUA if you’d like to know is a cousin of hers – John Fredson Maratas who you can contact through facebook account here.



Smells Like Vanilla

from the day jerome and i started dating and even now that we’re married, he has constantly put a smile on my face even in the most simplest little things or words… and especially on days when i think the world is against me ( yep, we all get crazy like that)

and today’s one of those days i turn my face like this     ^_^

i like the smell of vanilla, we sometimes buy those christmas-tree-shaped vanilla-flavored room fresheners but they don’t last for days so we don’t feel it’s “sulit” so we stopped buying them for a long time now.. but suddenly today (after buying stuffs for our print shop) he decided to get us an electric fragrance diffuser and i went all excited only to find out they cost higher than we hoped, my heart was a little crushed and agreed to just probably get those cute burners instead..

but few minutes later he realized he can just make us one! 🙂 so we ended up buying a candle burner, a tiny bulb, bulb holder, fragrant oils (lavender and vanilla, yey!),  and we have extra wires at home so now this costs 50% less than the ready-made one at the mall!

while i love DIY-ing stuffs to make them very personal, he likes DIY-ing mostly for practical reasons haha

so we are now going to be sleeping in vanilla fields (and lavender on other nights  *_*)

sweet dreams every one!






goodbye sugar

when they are gone, your life moves on..but you die a little, a little that hurts a lot.

i hope they know they were loved so much.. they are loved still and will be forever.

you will always be in my heart…

we love you babies…

goodbye pepper

it was a crowded cloud of emotions;

excitement, happiness, a grateful heart

to worrying and to suppressed grief

you switch them all off and move on

’til you forget what they were

but they all come crashing back

you give in