silent rebel

i used to believe other’s definition of me – silent,
honest, easy-to-be-with and can’t-break-a-glass kind of person

but looking back and at the moment, i do not belong to such

i am not that silent – only when i do not know what to say

i am not easy to be with – because i simply cannot make up my
mind of what i really want either so i don’t think anyone can
really understand what i don’t myself..

i can break glasses – ruin relationships, ruin my own
friendships in my own little way just because i do not have
that much talent of keeping them (or maybe i don’t wanna keep
them, or i simply don’t want to set expectations i cannot

i refuse to understand other people’s opinion when i don’t
see logic in them – but i keep silent, i pay my respect…

we cannot judge just anyone we like for we do not know what they are going through

i have my own share of lies – like everybody does… and i do not think i owe everyone an explanation except for my family

i follow rules and policies, but i do not necessarily
agree to each of them, there are limitations – i can only take so much…

so we all go through this life differently, we do not need to presume the norm is the right thing (and be boastful about it)..


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