28 and counting

i feel such a loser at the end of this day. i keep wondering why i haven’t taken lots of pictures!!! on my birthday!!!???#?#?#?&!

oh well, i’ve got these few though to help me remember the day that has passed and how i’ll remember it in the next days.

i personally think it started out just so great with Jerome greeting me a not-so-ordinary breakfast treat (♥_♥)

and thanks to Reynald for taking my only pic of the day ♥

















and then i spent the whole noon and afternoon dozing off, i thought the day was over when i woke up  🙂 it was never too late though for a birthday dinner with Jerome at Baseline Restaurant (guess i got my 2nd picture of the day then hehe)

and this is from the-day-after lunch reunion with college barkadas @ Hukad in Ayala 🙂

sadly, i didn’t get to take even 1 picture of the 2-kilo spaghetti partey at the office (the only handa i brought haha)

but i do will remember that they enjoyed it and that (together with the phone and facebook greetings i received) simply completes the 28th year of my life…

thank you Lord and hoping for a wonderful year ahead  😉


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