flying imagination

I hate traveling alone. It’s never easy without anyone to talk to and watching each other’s bags or even eating together in one of the food stalls in terminals and departure areas.

So I usually bring something else so I’d have the I-am-busy-and-it-is-okay-that-I-am-alone look (haha).

This was my travel buddy last Monday. I am not a super reader but I have liked a few ones and Sophie has not failed me so far for nice, romantic and heart warming stories. The Undomestic Goddess melted my heart and left me giggling with Samantha’s chaos-turned-interesting journey.

I hope Lexi’s life adventure will leave me a wide smile at the end as well as I try to finish Remember Me.


2 thoughts on “flying imagination

  1. this is where we are kind of different… as much as i enjoy company i equally enjoy travelling alone as well, specially international flights which means longer time for reading, movie watching, muni-muni and sleeping hehehehe

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