happy saturday

I never thought just inspecting a house is tiresome. What more with transforming that into your future home with all the decisions to make and and and not to forget the budget to come up with 😉

After receiving the permit to transfer, today was our schedule to check it out.


On the way back, we stopped by Robinson’s Supermarket for some some cold drinks. I think we ended up choosing a weird combo but they were thirst quenching and yummy enough.  Ducth Mill has been one of my fave fruity-milk-yogurt drinks and this Propel vitamin water is Jerome’s recent “discovery” that my taste buds love as well. And I cannot agree more how hotdog-on-stick lovers we both are. 🙂

And since I didn’t want Saturday to end without being productive in life (in life???), we headed to SM to avail of my Citibank card’s promo – using rewards points to buy movie tickets!!! So that was one movies-to-watch-list crossed out! Snow White & the Huntsmen was one big watch. Don’t you just like how Charlize throws her Ravena line that sounds “mirow, mirow on the woooool, who’s the fairest oooof them ooooollll” =D *peace*


Oooh and one more thing to put an end to this, I got excited with Chowking’s new selling idea – the Coca-Cola tin can collectibles – that I forgot my have-to-save-for-home motto these days. 🙂




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