Hmmmm Pinteresting!

I really don’t like to register to other social and networking sites anymore because they all seem to have the same concepts – and maybe because I’m way too passed that stage of opening and joining each and every interesting site…or maybe I just don’t have the time either.

But lately I’ve just gotta recover from being too serious about work – or maybe not too serious but I have to stop thinking it is taking over my life – I keep convincing myself exhaustion is all in the mind!

I miss me! And so off I go the surfing world again and I find myself into other interesting sites like and just yesterday, Pinterest!

Yeah I know, I’m too late about getting excited about it but I finally found myself reading what it is for, what I can get from it, and the idea is really really….pinteresting!

I thought I had to pin my photos and stuff there but actually it’s more of finding out other people’s interesting stuffs or events, or ideas and thoughts, all captured in photos.

So instead of keeping a hidden folder of pictures inside my sort-of-crappy-lappy I can make them look interesting enough at Pinterest. Friends and friendly non-friends can even comment how good an idea they would be if we would get to do those ideas like how we decorate our rooms or be able to cook those yummy-looking cupcakes!

I envy people with great minds creating these sites nowadays. If only I could have been a super duper techy intellectual person…. I would have been…. Pinteresting! 😉

Let’s pin it! haha


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