His Child Jesus

I’m not sure why but I just choose to post these here than in my FB account. Maybe because it just feels good blogging than just posting 😉

This year’s Sinulog is special to me. It was only this year that I started attending the Novena masses though we missed most of them (it’s a start of something good, right?).  And it may have started due to the struggles I feel inside and out that pulled me much closer to the child Jesus, but it does feel really good. I just know that I had to pray even harder to allow myself to break my habit of embracing a lot of negativeness in life.

Sometimes it helps to cry harder… but most of the time it helps to pray super duper hard that He will have no choice but to help you  =’)

so we started dressing the part and a very late Brunch 😉


and off to the wide crowded streets we walked; we went out late though so we haven’t seen everything hehe



and concluded the night with some sweets 😉

(oh we did see the fireworks on the way home)



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