TYL Friday: Spared & Grateful

It is probably a great way to start my “come-back” blog with expressing this very grateful heart of mine. I’m hoping to only post happy and inspiring blogs from now on and I’m debuting a Thank You Lord Friday! 🙂

So here’s my probably boring story.

On the morning of Easter Sunday, I would have been sad not to spend it at the beach as we usually do with my family in Butuan after “Sugat”, but it turned out still meaningful and memorable when we decided to go to Bogo here in Cebu. Why? Jerome had a dream like more than a month ago if I remember well. He said it seemed he was visiting one of Mama Mary’s shrine or churches named after her. He remembers seeing or visiting Our Lady of the Rule (Nuestra Señora Virgen De Regla) – the one in Lapu-lapu City – but it seemed the place was in Bogo. So he searched for a Mama Mary shrine in Bogo and confirmed it was for Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. He vowed to visit the shrine and finally realized it with me.

The place was serene and I loved that there are not yet many visitors when we got there, making it more solemn to pray. You’d have to climb the stairs. They say those were 100 steps, which make it a little sacrificial (hehe).  If you have your own car, there’s a way up at the back area for vehicles (do not ask me for directions though).

Later in the evening, a fire broke in the neighborhood where we are currently staying (Kamputhaw, Cebu City). It ate up 40 houses and leaving 1 dead. I felt frightened, irritated and sad for what happened. Frightened that if the firemen came a few minutes later that night, our house will not be a house anymore – we were one house away already from the fire. I got irritated after everything because rumor has it that the fire started because a man committed suicide – only that he took 39 more houses in his journey. But then who wouldn’t be sad to know then that he was the one who died, and for those who wouldn’t have roofs to sleep under starting that night.

I still get alarmed when I hear people shout nearby. It still feels like yesterday. But it is so true you keep learning from these events. To be mindful of your environment and to be prepared always for tragedies like this. Jerome and I felt very very grateful we were spared from it that no matter how small we provided help to his friends whose houses got burned.

My little sister Johanna gave me a very striking word of comfort that evening. Something so right we all have to care:


Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Bogo, Cebu

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Shrine in Bogo, Cebu




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