TYL Friday: Electrified!

Well hello there again my Friday! 🙂

Today, I just have to emphasize how thankful I am that God gave us the strength to always wake up each day, face our challenges, and yes with me being very careful not to be too much irritable without the electricity and all (since the fire broke last, last Sunday like two weeks almost!). Our neighbor was very generous to have helped us by having us connect to their electricity during the night just so I could sleep well with electric fan. Jerome made sure I have that, hehe. Anything else not working is okay as long as I have that. 🙂

Then come today where the electric company finally completed restoring our connection and we all got too excited and very thankful.

It’s Jerome’s Darts night out with friends so I don’t have to pout and stare in the dark waiting for him (else he’d never go anywhere na lang jud than find me like that when he comes back). I ended up watching the latest episodes of my favorites – The Vampire Diaries and Reign. I didn’t have the energy already to watch Arrow and Beauty & the Beast episodes as well as the new series I’m digging The 100 but hoping to do soon in the later days. There’s just too many of them now not to mention having to get updated with the local The Legal Wife series. 😀

Anyways. That’s just about it for today. I just feel so electrified I need to thank God for all about this week. 🙂

I hope yours was a great week too!





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