Cold Creamy Sweetness

I am such a sucker for sweets! I would usually look for dessert tables during parties instead of what’re the main courses being served.

I cannot deprive myself of chocolates, especially when any Cadbury or Snickers are up for grabs. But if there’s one that’s at the top of my sweet tooth, it would be ice cream! I can probably eat any flavor as long as it’s ice and creamy – not that I have tasted every flavor in the world but I would probably do if I have the chance haha. And I would definitely buy an ice cream maker one day *with dreamy eyes*.

Let’s take for example these sweet gift from a dear friend for my birthday (because I asked her to bring me pasalubong when she told me she was in Davao). She brought me two mini-sized Durian fruit – as in the fresh and raw ones with spikes all over! I haven’t tried eating it raw – I always just settle for the candies made out of them as well as Durian-flavored ice cream.

Fresh Durian out of its spkey shell :)

Fresh Durian out of its spikey shell 🙂

Since Jerome and I would not attempt to eat them raw, our first option was to make it into pastillas-like. Well that was Jerome’s first option – mine was ice cream nothing else! But we agreed to try it.

1. We mashed the fresh Durian meat

2. Combined it with a can of condensed milk over low heat

3. We poured the mixture into a container

4. We set it aside for awhile before we have it chilled

The following day, I still could not make anything out of its taste. I haven’t had the time to take a picture of it. The flavor’s still too strong for me so I finally convinced Jerome to just twist our little homemade dessert into ice cream! So after browsing and lookkng for the easiest way to do it, below was what we’ve come up.

1. We combined a can of evaporated milk into that Durian mixture

2. Separately, we beat 3 eggs and added caster sugar

3. We mixed (1) and (2) together

4. We then added 1 carton of all-purpose cream (because there’s no whipping cream around)

5. After thoroughly mixing, we poured them in containers and chilled overnight

The following day? I was excited to try our first homemade ice cream and I was happy with the result! It was a bit too sweet (we shouldn’t have added sugar as there was condensed milk in the original mixture) but what is ice cream if it’s not sweet, right?

The first bottle I've finished in like leess than 5 minutes ;)

The first bottle I’ve finished in like less than 5 minutes 😉

The evening of the same day I pulled my second bottle out of the fridge right after dinner! Oh, I managed to take a decent picture of it too before finishing it in minutes.

The 2nd bottle for the day. ;)

The 2nd bottle for the day. 😉

It’s almost sinful I think but I never felt guilty when it comes to ice cream. And hey! It’s scorching hot everyday this Summer. So there will be no apologies for this post. 😉




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