Throwback Thursday: The Family That Eats Together

The thought of visiting my hometown, Butuan City, makes me reminisce again the times when we get to spend occasions with everyone around – that feeling that nobody has missed out something.

I always thank God for the blessing of a loving family – not perfect but sincerely loving. I am always thankful by the thought and the fact that no matter how deep-below-the-ground I feel, a mere hi-hello-how-are-yous from them already uplifts me.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who could relate to that.

My favorite part though of every get-together moments are those we spend eating. Ahem, yes probably because of the food too but it is first and foremost because it is when we do not make ourselves busy with other stuffs – no texting, no status-updating or picture-posting, except for pictorials here and there haha. We are just there enjoying the food while definitely enjoying whatever conversations that come up.

Here’s our last dinner out together (if I remember it correctly) early in January before ate Jing flew back to New Zealand. This was at Ribbs Diner along T. Calo Extension, Butuan City.

DSC_5101 copy

1DSC_5104 copy3DSC_5110 copyDSC_5117 copyDSC_5113 copyDSC_5114 copy2DSC_5122-1 copy


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