Smells Like Vanilla

from the day jerome and i started dating and even now that we’re married, he has constantly put a smile on my face even in the most simplest little things or words… and especially on days when i think the world is against me ( yep, we all get crazy like that)

and today’s one of those days i turn my face like this     ^_^

i like the smell of vanilla, we sometimes buy those christmas-tree-shaped vanilla-flavored room fresheners but they don’t last for days so we don’t feel it’s “sulit” so we stopped buying them for a long time now.. but suddenly today (after buying stuffs for our print shop) he decided to get us an electric fragrance diffuser and i went all excited only to find out they cost higher than we hoped, my heart was a little crushed and agreed to just probably get those cute burners instead..

but few minutes later he realized he can just make us one! 🙂 so we ended up buying a candle burner, a tiny bulb, bulb holder, fragrant oils (lavender and vanilla, yey!),  and we have extra wires at home so now this costs 50% less than the ready-made one at the mall!

while i love DIY-ing stuffs to make them very personal, he likes DIY-ing mostly for practical reasons haha

so we are now going to be sleeping in vanilla fields (and lavender on other nights  *_*)

sweet dreams every one!







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