Daily Prompt: Quote Me | Confucius


This is one of my favorite quotes in life that I truly truly believe in but have never really felt to have achieved it in me. This continues to move and even haunt me to this day as I search and wait for the moment that I find my courage to do what I want. And I sense that day is near and it will be my happiest. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


this pic means two surprises for me

first: i work away from home (like a 45-minute plane ride / 12-hour ferry boat-ride away) and each time i come home, there’d be something new in our home, new stuffs or maybe just new arrangements like this nativity set-up and it always amazes me how coming home uplifts my heart especially with the holidays

second: my christmases always mean taking the time to spend it with family and loved ones and offering thanks to everything that has been given – for the family that’s always loving and friendships worth keeping… yet this year, i am claiming He’d also let me have that surprise i’ve been praying and hoping these past few months

Hmmmm Pinteresting!

I really don’t like to register to other social and networking sites anymore because they all seem to have the same concepts – and maybe because I’m way too passed that stage of opening and joining each and every interesting site…or maybe I just don’t have the time either.

But lately I’ve just gotta recover from being too serious about work – or maybe not too serious but I have to stop thinking it is taking over my life – I keep convincing myself exhaustion is all in the mind!

I miss me! And so off I go the surfing world again and I find myself into other interesting sites like hallohallomall.com and just yesterday, Pinterest!

Yeah I know, I’m too late about getting excited about it but I finally found myself reading what it is for, what I can get from it, and the idea is really really….pinteresting!

I thought I had to pin my photos and stuff there but actually it’s more of finding out other people’s interesting stuffs or events, or ideas and thoughts, all captured in photos.

So instead of keeping a hidden folder of pictures inside my sort-of-crappy-lappy I can make them look interesting enough at Pinterest. Friends and friendly non-friends can even comment how good an idea they would be if we would get to do those ideas like how we decorate our rooms or be able to cook those yummy-looking cupcakes!

I envy people with great minds creating these sites nowadays. If only I could have been a super duper techy intellectual person…. I would have been…. Pinteresting! 😉

Let’s pin it! haha

Mactan Branch

It’s funny how I refer to it as the Mactan branch of the Sto. Nino Parish. I don’t know – maybe because the Sto. Nino Parish (main branch hehe) is needless to say a big part of Cebu and somehow finding this “branch” has sooo much encouraged me to attend masses again 😉 I like the feel or vibe of attending masses in at the “main branch” and it felt the same way here (and i simply don’t know why).

Jerome and I saw the church I think more than a month ago when we were invited to a wedding anniversary held at Karancho Beach Resort and I was so amazed (as in amazed jud!) to know it existed. So we visited to light our usual prayer candles and off we went home.

Then on this day, was the first time I decided to convince myself and Jerome to attend mass (so of course picture picture dayon 😉 )

We stayed otuside because it was crowded already. On the line going inside to receive the blessed sacrament, no one probably noticed but I know that if someone was taking a video of how my face lighted up when we entered the church because I keeo telling Jerome how come I don’t see any Jesus or Sto. Nino figure/statues but then there and behold was probably the largest crucifix I’ve seen (and can remember) inside a church.

The church has still got a long way to be polished, no hightech gadgets yet like overhead projectors or the red-blinking-board kind of thing project that they are praying to have amongst other things….. and yet, I’ve already told myself I love the idea of getting married there ❤ and I just don’t know why. 🙂


love like hers

i will always be my mom’s daughter

i keep mentioning it, but i have always known that no matter the situation, my parents especially mama will always and always be there for me…

she fixes most of those pains hidden underneath the smiles… and she fixes them without me even having to tell her, she fixes most of them without even noticing she has…

she will always be mine and i am hers in wherever path i walk or run… and she will always love me just as i always will love her…

thank God for moms…
thank you dear God for my Mama 🙂

silent rebel

i used to believe other’s definition of me – silent,
honest, easy-to-be-with and can’t-break-a-glass kind of person

but looking back and at the moment, i do not belong to such

i am not that silent – only when i do not know what to say

i am not easy to be with – because i simply cannot make up my
mind of what i really want either so i don’t think anyone can
really understand what i don’t myself..

i can break glasses – ruin relationships, ruin my own
friendships in my own little way just because i do not have
that much talent of keeping them (or maybe i don’t wanna keep
them, or i simply don’t want to set expectations i cannot

i refuse to understand other people’s opinion when i don’t
see logic in them – but i keep silent, i pay my respect…

we cannot judge just anyone we like for we do not know what they are going through

i have my own share of lies – like everybody does… and i do not think i owe everyone an explanation except for my family

i follow rules and policies, but i do not necessarily
agree to each of them, there are limitations – i can only take so much…

so we all go through this life differently, we do not need to presume the norm is the right thing (and be boastful about it)..