Sugar n Pepper

No I am not going to share about food. 🙂 This is my long pending post about these lovable two and I didn’t even know I would ever use lovable to describe dogs. 🙂

I was never a dog lover, I never cared about them… until 5 months ago when Sugar came into our lives. I still didn’t care then but Jerome let me hold her for just a few seconds and then my heart melted. And I just can’t explain why haha.

Then just a month ago little Pepper joined the family. We’re temporarily taking care of him but I think he’s staying for long already hahaha – because he is so adorable!

Our home’s a mess every now and then because of them but I could not let them go. Now I always notice adorable sad-faced dogs in the street or other houses already! And these two are surely to blame this side of me. 🙂


Thank You Spotify

I’ve always believed that even though music can break you to pieces at times, it mostly heals your soul.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones to listen to and I mean there’s no specific list for everyone or for every feeling (or at least I don’t believe there should be). What works for you may not work for me. When you listen to one, you know its effects on you! So we are free to choose – we are free to want to drown ourselves in the miserable effects of those crappy songs and free to lift ourselves and lighten up. Don’t blame someone or anything! 🙂

So here’s my current Spotify playlist favorite for the week. A totally calming instrumental acoustic pieces.

Definitely brought me to focus on all those overlapping emails at work so thinking maybe I can share to those who are not Spotify fans yet. *_*

Flashback Friday

i found this draft post from april 2014 that i never got to post and i wonder why hehe
just some fun moments while working on our diy favors for our wedding last december 2013
i love putting personal touches to any events, i just love diy projects!

just another lame scribbling (i’d like to keep)

i thank god for you
every hard day is lighter
when you make me laugh
when you tell me stories

i thank god for you
it’s easier to live each day
to face each fears
to reach every dream

i thank god for you
life became more meaningful
you taught me the simplest things
the simplest important things

i thank god for you
for thinking of me and twisting what might not have been my destiny

it sounds like Heaven

“From now on you’re going to feel pain, grow old and eventually die like the rest of us.”

“I know… It sounds like Heaven”


I haven’t read a lot of books and I don’t even call myself a bookworm just yet, but this is so far the book with the most twists I’ve encountered. The journey to the happy ending is a mixed of predictable and unpredictable moments as far as my evaluation (so don’t judge me haha). I somehow knew though what was going to happen because of how the book cover looked ;-).

The come-and-go of new and old characters added some fun to their story. I do have a few questions left unanswered though – like where did Ivy went after Wade attacked their Byron home and what happened to Wade too and other characters. There was too much going on in but I guess this isn’t their story (maybe a new book is up coming for them hehe).

Nevertheless, it was fun and I loved it. I loved that the end to the trilogy is as good or even better than it’s first two – Halo and Hades – but each book had their own character or intensity that did get me going. A good read for the hopeless romantics like me. 😉

Have you read the trilogy? Do you feel the same or was it different for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


waiting for you

at night
beside my yellow dim light
i listen to the sounds
i wait for you

to wonder
will it end, how much further
and i listen again
i wait for you

until my eyes close
i dream somewhere and hope
my heavy heart slowly beats
i still wait for you


All of Me

I have been following Tiffany Alvord in Facebook since I saw her perform in one of Boyce Avenue‘s music video cover of Christina Perri‘s Jar of Hearts. Her voice is really just angelic and promising and not to mention she looks very very pretty.

Recently, I have started subscribing to her videos too in youtube because I noticed I haven’t done that yet and because this song really really caught my attention soooooo much I got teary-eyed by how she sang it and how the lyrics seemed to speak to you. 🙂 I haven’t even listened to the original song by John Legend! This was my first time to hear it! (Hmmmm I probably need to do that after posting this hehe).

And like Tiffany, I am a hopeless romantic too so I hope those who can relate would love this too. Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

…because all of me loves all of you…