sky love wednesday: the heart of worship

i do not claim to be pure and without sins  – not even a devotee

but i always have my way to talk to Him… and He is always there =’ ) 03232013369


photos: 23-MAR-2013

Sto. Niño Cebu Parish


bright future ;)




beautiful skies just take my breath away lately

they make me smile

it looks like the future’s really bright ~ michael p. anderson #brainyquote

now is good

“life is a series of moments, let them go”

03092013355took this pic earlier in the afternoon (and the quote and title from the movie i just finished watching)

life indeed is a series of moments, most of them you can only keep in memories

but we can always choose to sort through life… keep only the memories that make you alive now…

the moments that make you hope and believe…

the moments that make you never give up on your dreams 😉

up there

there seemed to be a message behind the clouds this afternoon – something to believe 😉03032013347“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..” – C.S. Lewis