goodbye sugar

when they are gone, your life moves on..but you die a little, a little that hurts a lot.

i hope they know they were loved so much.. they are loved still and will be forever.

you will always be in my heart…

we love you babies…


Sugar n Pepper

No I am not going to share about food. 🙂 This is my long pending post about these lovable two and I didn’t even know I would ever use lovable to describe dogs. 🙂

I was never a dog lover, I never cared about them… until 5 months ago when Sugar came into our lives. I still didn’t care then but Jerome let me hold her for just a few seconds and then my heart melted. And I just can’t explain why haha.

Then just a month ago little Pepper joined the family. We’re temporarily taking care of him but I think he’s staying for long already hahaha – because he is so adorable!

Our home’s a mess every now and then because of them but I could not let them go. Now I always notice adorable sad-faced dogs in the street or other houses already! And these two are surely to blame this side of me. 🙂