other side

sometimes there’s too much brightness

but all you see is dark

all you crave is shade, your dim space
then look for that soft light

that maybe flicker of hope

that maybe you aren’t lost
you’ve got tears that ease what is

and that scared heart you know is spared

find the pieces as each isn’t broken
calm now my heavy breath 

oh my long sighs

we don’t need to be on the other side


just another lame scribbling (i’d like to keep)

i thank god for you
every hard day is lighter
when you make me laugh
when you tell me stories

i thank god for you
it’s easier to live each day
to face each fears
to reach every dream

i thank god for you
life became more meaningful
you taught me the simplest things
the simplest important things

i thank god for you
for thinking of me and twisting what might not have been my destiny

waiting for you

at night
beside my yellow dim light
i listen to the sounds
i wait for you

to wonder
will it end, how much further
and i listen again
i wait for you

until my eyes close
i dream somewhere and hope
my heavy heart slowly beats
i still wait for you