DIY: Gatsby Project

The last but not the least to look back before 2016 ended are the 1920’s/Great Gatsby-inspired headpieces I’ve put together for a few of my colleagues in the office for our yearend party.

This was my first time to accept orders to create and play around. Most of them are based on my officemates’ image pegs from Pinterest and Google  and the likes.

So here are the 3 weeks worth of stress and fun combined. 🙂

And on the party day itself, I managed to take some shots of my models for the night, including myself who only wore a simple piece after I got overwhelmed with the pretty big ones I’ve just done! ^_^ I hope you are enjoying these ones too.


Daily Prompt: Bookworms | CAN

okay so this was really yesterday’s daily prompt (but maybe still today in some parts of the world 😉 ), but it caught my attention that i could say now better late than never, right?

but I’m far from our bookshelf when I read the daily prompt and the only nearest to that is this Yummy magazine my sister have – or more so a cook book for me [yeah i wanted it to pass as a book so forgive me 😉 ]

"The great thing about getting healthy is that you can start whenever you want..."

“The great thing about getting healthy is that you can start whenever you want…”

and so CAN is the word and Google gave me below image that perfectly answers all the questions lingering in my head these past few days – and surely to yours out there too, does it? 🙂

This is very true – no matter how things get so much messed up or all in chaos, when fear starts to creep in, there’s always that encouragement that we can find in either big or small stuffs. And the real power is when we believe we can, we really CAN. 😉

o_O i’m not a bookworm – this is just a book shot O_o


bLack daWn

03-30-2013 bLack saTurDay


i took this picture to remind myself how i felt during the holy week

and that i will never ever want to feel the same way again in the next years of this life

that from the dark black dawn comes twiLight and new sunny morn


now is good

“life is a series of moments, let them go”

03092013355took this pic earlier in the afternoon (and the quote and title from the movie i just finished watching)

life indeed is a series of moments, most of them you can only keep in memories

but we can always choose to sort through life… keep only the memories that make you alive now…

the moments that make you hope and believe…

the moments that make you never give up on your dreams 😉

up there

there seemed to be a message behind the clouds this afternoon – something to believe 😉03032013347“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..” – C.S. Lewis