DIY: Gatsby Project

The last but not the least to look back before 2016 ended are the 1920’s/Great Gatsby-inspired headpieces I’ve put together for a few of my colleagues in the office for our yearend party.

This was my first time to accept orders to create and play around. Most of them are based on my officemates’ image pegs from Pinterest and Google  and the likes.

So here are the 3 weeks worth of stress and fun combined. 🙂

And on the party day itself, I managed to take some shots of my models for the night, including myself who only wore a simple piece after I got overwhelmed with the pretty big ones I’ve just done! ^_^ I hope you are enjoying these ones too.


DIY: Flower Power

Happy 2017!

Before we move forward to the best things this year, I wanted to look back on the little happy crafts I’ve done before 2016 ended.

Back in September 2016, I’ve helped out a close friend make her own unique flower crown to be used for their pre-wedding shoot. So since I’ve got  a thing for fabric flowers, I’ve suggested nothing else. 🙂

This is the 2nd flower crown that I’ve attempted and successfully done (I think) hehe. The first one was for my little sister’s wedding. I just assembled the plastic/synthetic flowers she had back then.

For my friend, she bought synthetic leaves and a simple flower crown from craft stores, and we used extra fabrics she also used for her bridesmaids’ headpieces to create different fabric flowers to assemble on the crown.

And this is how it looked on her on the pre-wedding shoot. Her HMUA if you’d like to know is a cousin of hers – John Fredson Maratas who you can contact through facebook account here.



All of Me

I have been following Tiffany Alvord in Facebook since I saw her perform in one of Boyce Avenue‘s music video cover of Christina Perri‘s Jar of Hearts. Her voice is really just angelic and promising and not to mention she looks very very pretty.

Recently, I have started subscribing to her videos too in youtube because I noticed I haven’t done that yet and because this song really really caught my attention soooooo much I got teary-eyed by how she sang it and how the lyrics seemed to speak to you. 🙂 I haven’t even listened to the original song by John Legend! This was my first time to hear it! (Hmmmm I probably need to do that after posting this hehe).

And like Tiffany, I am a hopeless romantic too so I hope those who can relate would love this too. Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

…because all of me loves all of you…

Throwback Thursday: The Family That Eats Together

The thought of visiting my hometown, Butuan City, makes me reminisce again the times when we get to spend occasions with everyone around – that feeling that nobody has missed out something.

I always thank God for the blessing of a loving family – not perfect but sincerely loving. I am always thankful by the thought and the fact that no matter how deep-below-the-ground I feel, a mere hi-hello-how-are-yous from them already uplifts me.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who could relate to that.

My favorite part though of every get-together moments are those we spend eating. Ahem, yes probably because of the food too but it is first and foremost because it is when we do not make ourselves busy with other stuffs – no texting, no status-updating or picture-posting, except for pictorials here and there haha. We are just there enjoying the food while definitely enjoying whatever conversations that come up.

Here’s our last dinner out together (if I remember it correctly) early in January before ate Jing flew back to New Zealand. This was at Ribbs Diner along T. Calo Extension, Butuan City.

DSC_5101 copy

1DSC_5104 copy3DSC_5110 copyDSC_5117 copyDSC_5113 copyDSC_5114 copy2DSC_5122-1 copy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside | Beautiful Creatures

today i watched the movie for the second time

because i haven’t convinced my little sister to watch it and my procrastinator side just urged me to do it while eating breakfast and while cooking for tonight’s dinner too 🙂

(i’m supposed to be doing some work and other human life duties ;-P)

i have to say this movie really brought back the love for poems i had in me way back in college

nope, i do not follow or remember any poets, i just love how poems have that magical side – those lines that seem to understand what goes around INSIDE our delicate hearts [or maybe just to the very few of us 🙂 ]

the striking poem in the end was this:

there is a place in the heart that will never be filled

a space

we will know it more than ever

there is a place in the heart that will never be filled

and we will wait and wait in that space

what is really happening inside?

what is really happening inside?

and this hit me real real hard in the head that i googled where it came from (although the movie did imply it already i still had to search because i am hard-headed) and voila below was somewhat a full version or something and they just removed just a little part 🙂

there is a place in the heart that will never be filled

a space

and even during the best moments

and the greatest times

times we will know it

we will know it more than ever

there is a place in the heart that will never be filled

and we will wait and wait in that space

– Charles Bukowski (a German-born American poet, novelist and short story writer.)

and i agree so much to this that i had to blog about it, don’t i? that yes there is that space always inside our hearts that we keep waiting to be filled

so watch the movie if you haven’t yet and hopefully enjoy it the way i did

and let’s together read the the book too (because i haven’t yet hehe)

and may i attempt:  that what grows inside can grow beautifully that what goes in your mind  that what you believe in your heart it will surely surely be

and may i attempt:
that what grows inside can grow beautifully
that what goes in your mind
that what you believe in your heart
it will surely surely be
~ janice in wonderland ~


Daily Prompt: Bookworms | CAN

okay so this was really yesterday’s daily prompt (but maybe still today in some parts of the world 😉 ), but it caught my attention that i could say now better late than never, right?

but I’m far from our bookshelf when I read the daily prompt and the only nearest to that is this Yummy magazine my sister have – or more so a cook book for me [yeah i wanted it to pass as a book so forgive me 😉 ]

"The great thing about getting healthy is that you can start whenever you want..."

“The great thing about getting healthy is that you can start whenever you want…”

and so CAN is the word and Google gave me below image that perfectly answers all the questions lingering in my head these past few days – and surely to yours out there too, does it? 🙂

This is very true – no matter how things get so much messed up or all in chaos, when fear starts to creep in, there’s always that encouragement that we can find in either big or small stuffs. And the real power is when we believe we can, we really CAN. 😉

o_O i’m not a bookworm – this is just a book shot O_o


Daily Prompt: Quote Me | Confucius


This is one of my favorite quotes in life that I truly truly believe in but have never really felt to have achieved it in me. This continues to move and even haunt me to this day as I search and wait for the moment that I find my courage to do what I want. And I sense that day is near and it will be my happiest. 🙂