Smells Like Vanilla

from the day jerome and i started dating and even now that we’re married, he has constantly put a smile on my face even in the most simplest little things or words… and especially on days when i think the world is against me ( yep, we all get crazy like that)

and today’s one of those days i turn my face like this     ^_^

i like the smell of vanilla, we sometimes buy those christmas-tree-shaped vanilla-flavored room fresheners but they don’t last for days so we don’t feel it’s “sulit” so we stopped buying them for a long time now.. but suddenly today (after buying stuffs for our print shop) he decided to get us an electric fragrance diffuser and i went all excited only to find out they cost higher than we hoped, my heart was a little crushed and agreed to just probably get those cute burners instead..

but few minutes later he realized he can just make us one! 🙂 so we ended up buying a candle burner, a tiny bulb, bulb holder, fragrant oils (lavender and vanilla, yey!),  and we have extra wires at home so now this costs 50% less than the ready-made one at the mall!

while i love DIY-ing stuffs to make them very personal, he likes DIY-ing mostly for practical reasons haha

so we are now going to be sleeping in vanilla fields (and lavender on other nights  *_*)

sweet dreams every one!







goodbye sugar

when they are gone, your life moves on..but you die a little, a little that hurts a lot.

i hope they know they were loved so much.. they are loved still and will be forever.

you will always be in my heart…

we love you babies…

goodbye pepper

it was a crowded cloud of emotions;

excitement, happiness, a grateful heart

to worrying and to suppressed grief

you switch them all off and move on

’til you forget what they were

but they all come crashing back

you give in

Sugar n Pepper

No I am not going to share about food. 🙂 This is my long pending post about these lovable two and I didn’t even know I would ever use lovable to describe dogs. 🙂

I was never a dog lover, I never cared about them… until 5 months ago when Sugar came into our lives. I still didn’t care then but Jerome let me hold her for just a few seconds and then my heart melted. And I just can’t explain why haha.

Then just a month ago little Pepper joined the family. We’re temporarily taking care of him but I think he’s staying for long already hahaha – because he is so adorable!

Our home’s a mess every now and then because of them but I could not let them go. Now I always notice adorable sad-faced dogs in the street or other houses already! And these two are surely to blame this side of me. 🙂

All of Me

I have been following Tiffany Alvord in Facebook since I saw her perform in one of Boyce Avenue‘s music video cover of Christina Perri‘s Jar of Hearts. Her voice is really just angelic and promising and not to mention she looks very very pretty.

Recently, I have started subscribing to her videos too in youtube because I noticed I haven’t done that yet and because this song really really caught my attention soooooo much I got teary-eyed by how she sang it and how the lyrics seemed to speak to you. 🙂 I haven’t even listened to the original song by John Legend! This was my first time to hear it! (Hmmmm I probably need to do that after posting this hehe).

And like Tiffany, I am a hopeless romantic too so I hope those who can relate would love this too. Let me know your thoughts! 🙂

…because all of me loves all of you…

Throwback Thursday: The Family That Eats Together

The thought of visiting my hometown, Butuan City, makes me reminisce again the times when we get to spend occasions with everyone around – that feeling that nobody has missed out something.

I always thank God for the blessing of a loving family – not perfect but sincerely loving. I am always thankful by the thought and the fact that no matter how deep-below-the-ground I feel, a mere hi-hello-how-are-yous from them already uplifts me.

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who could relate to that.

My favorite part though of every get-together moments are those we spend eating. Ahem, yes probably because of the food too but it is first and foremost because it is when we do not make ourselves busy with other stuffs – no texting, no status-updating or picture-posting, except for pictorials here and there haha. We are just there enjoying the food while definitely enjoying whatever conversations that come up.

Here’s our last dinner out together (if I remember it correctly) early in January before ate Jing flew back to New Zealand. This was at Ribbs Diner along T. Calo Extension, Butuan City.

DSC_5101 copy

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Flashback Saturday: DIY Obsession

I love Do-It-Yourself stuffs. If I think I could mimic and create the things I adore most in stores, magazines or wherever in the wide network sites, I’d try to make time to do these crafts on my low days. They’re like therapy. They make me happy!

My DIY accessories started when I joined my elder and little sisters in Manila because they were both already into it those days. They like sell them and all. My elder sister January taught me how to make them pretty little earrings and bracelets and necklaces, and even until now I search for how-to-do-them videos on youtube and even by just looking into photos in sites like Pinterest, everything in Martha Stewart’s site, and other Google images. 🙂

One of my other DIY loves include the idea of putting personal touches on your own events like weddings, birthdays and other parties – like maybe a farewell party? I go crazy over beautiful and pretty dessert tables or dessert buffets. I even have a board on this at my Pinterest account because they make me smile (aside from the fact that they make me crave haha).

In connection to that, and since this is a flashback post, our ate January spent more than a month vacation just last December and when it was already time for her to go back to New Zealand, I wanted to make sure we’d do something special (aside from the many special times we spent on those days 🙂 ) and so the DIY-obsessed side of me got expose (I think). And since it was still just right after new years and we’ve like eaten around in Butuan City already, we decided to just have a little Despedida party at home. I think there were a lot of ideas playing in my mind but because of the limited time already I only managed to put up a mini dessert table (and grabbed the cakes from the fridge haha – oh and our little sister Johanna added the Toblerone touch).

Our DIY Farewell Desert Table :) What do you think?

Our DIY Farewell Desert Table 🙂 What do you think?

And then the feast started right after the pictorials so here’s a peak of what happened then. 🙂

Our little sister... ooops I mean Ate January :-p

Our little sister… ooops I mean Ate January :-p

Ate January with our little Joseph Julian

Ate January with our little Joseph Julian

with Mama and Papa

with Mama and Papa

with Mama and papa (serious mode)

with Mama and papa (serious mode)


Julian leading the prayer before meals *__*

Julian leading the prayer before meals *__*

And so it begins ^_^  My big and little sisters :)

And the rest is history ^_^; My big and little sisters 🙂